I help business owners to turn a click into a Client using words class ad platform Facebook and Google 😎

What I Can do for you

Help to create Brand


When you introduce any new product line in your business and want to promote that on Social Medial platform.
We going to sit together and plan out how we going to promote and what offer we can give to get customer on broad.

Help to GENERATE Leads

Without LEADS business can’t sustain because business need money to run, and money come in when you close customers and you can only close customer when you have leads.  

Help to create Actionable  strategy

We help businesses to get ready actional blueprint in no time by asking few simple questions and using out expertise in advertising and Marketing so, you can grow your business 5X, 7X or 10X.


I can make Fake Testimonial like you see in Right or down as other marketers make but let’s be real I don’t have any testimonials yet. Give me a Chance to earn your business.

“I just started my salon shop and I’m wasting a lot of money in Bill Boards and pamphlet and not able to find any conversion. After taking service from DIM I can see how many people are checking and liking our services and they do leaser focused client targeting to get maximum conversion ”

Radhika Jian


shubham.g is marketing


Shubham.G is Marketing

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